Sandra Lis Designs

Sandra Lis Designs

My name is Sandra Lis.
Born in Slovakia living for more than 20 years on Greek Island.

The art works on this site are created by manipulating pixels within magnetic algorithms, allowing the pixels to be pushed, pulled, stretched and colored resulting in original paintings. My art has been influenced by several art movements. including, Abstract Expressionism, Color Field Painting, Op-Art, Geometric Hard Edge Painting. I try to reveal the essence of forms, lines, space, and forces within well balanced, dynamic compositions which depict our common state of being within our environment and world order.
Digital painting programs are unique because they use algorithms to control light, color, form and texture in digital form. This new medium art requires mastery of all the program parameters in addition to knowledge of the elements and principles of fine art.
Digital painting allows me to express unique artistic visions that I would not be able to render in any other medium.



Abstract artwork