Art by Zoë Lara

Art by Zoë Lara

Welcome to my Art page!

This is the place to order prints, see examples of my work and be inspired for your own custom order.

Cards, canvasses and watercolours can all be made to order. You may have an idea in mind already or we can create something together :) Cost and processing time will vary depending on materials, where I am shipping to and where in the world I am at the time!

Please contact me at for custom orders and enquiries and special requests for customised prints and international orders.


I love to paint. I love to travel. This is one of the ways which I hope will help support me to do both :)

I paint wherever I go and my aim is to be able to give Art away wherever I go. I believe that not only does Art inspire, it carries healing, releases freedom and brings Life.

I create in worship to my Creator :)

While a picture really does speak a thousand words, I also love to write here:

Watercolour Prints

Acryllic Prints

Acryllic on Canvas - Originals


Cards - Examples for Custom Orders