Art By Tooey

Art By Tooey

Teresa Dorroh aka Tooey, was born in Princeton, Kentucky, a unique and beautiful little town north of Nashville, TN. She currently lives in the friendliest town in America, Gallatin, in the greater Nashville area. She attended the University of Kentucky and the American Management Association resulting in a thirty year career in sales and business development management in the industrial oil and gas market. After raising beautiful and successful children in the small town of Princeton and blessed with lots of grandchildren and a successful career, Tooey started painting, a talent she didn't know she had until she had time to be still. Painting became a spiritual connection to her inner self where she found peace, strength and an inner acceptance of how God had worked consistently to bring her to a special and quiet place using her own unique and spiritual gift from Him. Tooey prays her artwork will bless you, give you peace, enjoyment and a little message to find your special talent, embrace it, and just do it. There is love and prayer in each color and brush stroke. Enjoy and God bless you!

A Gentleman and A Lady

The Heart of an Angel

Party With My Friends

Family Day

Sea Glass City Find Me