Photography by Tina Hutton

Photography by Tina Hutton

My life began as a child who loved to make drawings of all the beauty of Nature and Animals. From my 20's to my 40's, I was a well known Animal Portrait artist, doing all my work on commission by happy clients.
Due to the growth of my careers in the Horse and Rider world, I put my Art side of life away.

As the teaching Tellington TTouch/Centered Riding/Feldenkrais education years went along, modern photography entered my world...and when the digital style came along, I loved playing with those cameras in order to create photos that I will someday take time to draw and paint. Much to my surprise, even the photos became my artist way of seeing the world around me. My other career paths for 3 decades have had me traveling in various parts of the planet, and of course, I took photos of all these great adventures!
I'm nearly entering that senior stage of life, so my art and photography world is rising to the top of my list of things to love doing more and keep your eyes watching as I learn to add more things to this modern way of shopping in the Art World!


Nature's Beauty

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