Art By Three

Art By Three

We are Art By Three! Identical triplets aged 19.

We started painting at age 11 and quickly realised we not only had our own style but could adapt it to work together on one piece of art, each giving advice and opinions to our sisters.

We also paint separately but find we are at our best when painting together....6 hands instead of 2!
We particularly enjoy painting animals, urban scenes and landscapes but will have a go at painting or drawing anything.

We started with watercolours but now enjoy using acrylics, oils or just a pencil!
We also sketch on our ipads!

We have been selling professionally printed greeting cards, postcards and prints and have undertaken numerous commissions for customers of both their pets and family!

In 2016 we entered Sky Landscape Artist of the Year as Wildcards and there was a lot of interest in our work. You may have seen us on TV!!