Art by Rishika

Art by Rishika

A ‘nature artist’ originally from India, currently living in Germany. I enjoy working with acrylics on various kinds of surfaces such as canvas, paper, wood, and glassware. My paintings depict my deep love and adoration for our vivid surroundings and its inhabitants. Nature’s incomparable beauty and diversity is what inspires my ideas and artwork. I also like to give some of my paintings a 3D form by using various materials. A vibrant and mood lifting colour palette allows me to highlight nature’s uniqueness. I hope to spread positivity and happiness through my work.

" Gentle Giant "

"Beetles" Coasters

"The Original Brand Ambassadors"

"Dragonfly Coasters"

"The Original Brand Ambassadors"

"The Original Brand Ambassadors"

"The Original Brand Ambassadors"

"Unstoppable Nature"

"European Rose Schafer"

"Glass-winged Butterfly"

"Sapphire Flutterer"

"Frida and Bonito"

"Mandarin Fish"


" Dreams"

"Mountain baby"



"White Flag"



"Ace Ventura"

"Golden pheasant"

"Secretary Bird"

"Dracula Parrot"

"Infinite Connection"