Art Gallery of A. Rillieux

Art Gallery of A. Rillieux

Welcome to the gallery of Alex Rillieux.
A painter, sculptor, and filmmaker residing in Buckeye, Arizona.

Early on in my artistic venture I started off with Impressionism, working from nature to capture moments as they appeared and attempted to catch them as fast as they had left.
Later on I worked on Cubist Still Lifes but quickly grown tired of those. Then i shifted my attention to analytic examinations of figures. Then I touched into Synthetic Cubism. Following that I worked in Expressionist paintings of people whom I've had relations with or felt something for. Shortly after I finished my Demoiselle suite I quit painting for a while to focus on other things.

Now, in 2015, I've returned to painting and I have now thrusted myself into Surrealism and I'll be sharing those paintings with the public very soon!

Any business inquiries or general questions/remarks feel free to email me at:

Surrealist Works - 2015

Demoiselle D'honneur Suite - 2014

Acrylic and mixed media works - 2014