Art by Presa

Art by Presa

I create for the expression to have purpose, to be meaningful, and to evoke emotion. My World of imagination is boundless and free, where the only limitations that exist are the ones that I create for the piece. My true addiction is color. Each one moves the piece in a specific way and symbolizes the feeling. I resource all of the mediums that I have been exposed to and compose my own technique. Various arts are combined, including my Poems to give the piece its own voice and form. Its a journey throughout the surrealistic wonderland of my imagination…. I hope you will dare to join me.

The passion of art has thrived in me since birth. At the age of five, I was recognized by a local newspaper a s a talented young artist. My family nurtured my ambition by encouraging me to create everyday through various outlets. I have experienced, taught and mentored with accomplished artists since my youth.

I began college level courses at the age of twelve and attended advanced art courses throughout High School. During college, I applied my experience and focused on discovering my artistic direction. I sold my canvas paintings to local collectors and painted murals on the wall of homes and businesses in my home state of Utah. I always had a strong relationship with my artistic, maverick parents. My mother a professional Spanish dancer, pursued acting, singing and enjoyed painting. My father is a writer and always creating in his own ways. My older sister is an art major and photographer. My younger brother follows his love of music.

Painting was a way to show others my full spectrum of emotions, but I wanted to add more depth and life. This vision birthed "Skin Illustration", capturing the moment with real people painted and camouflaged into my larger than life murals for premier events and their audience. The mural itself could stand alone as expression and art, but the human expression brings it alive. Painting on skin is just another type of canvas to me, but what makes it so intriguing is that fleeting moment only captured through a live exhibit with hundreds of onlookers.

My murals with their vast size and the grand design applied by hand painting has also grabbed the attention of the media. Painting on a large scale is another way I have expressed my visions and is something I will continue. I take the essence of the area it surrounds, and apply my vision to brick or concrete. The method I use will last through the elements of weather and the colors are bright even after years of exposure.

In the works:
Always wanting to push the envelope I began a new style called my textured series. Organic material recycled and dipped in an Acrylic ceramic paint base. Dried then painted over with Acrylic and Oil paint on Canvas to create a textured 3D visual effect. See my eye constellation series to see full detail of style.

Please contact me if you are interested in any of my current pieces/ a personalized painting or portrait/ a skin illustration for an event/ mural painting/ or custom project

Eye Constellations

In My Dreams