mimulux patricia no

mimulux patricia no


An artist draws from many sources, both internal, within, and external, without. My artwork begins with random colors and textures put down in a way that please me, then it opens up to source. Looking at the design I see how it has dried, the way light plays on the surface, and I open up to what it is trying to say. From there my own story emerges, of deep interest in African design, Jungian symbolism, and all the influences that have made me who I am. I begin to draw and paint and let my muse, my source, my self within guide the process.
This is why I consider myself an intuitive artist, it is my path and at its best it touches others in a way that speaks to their own inner selves. If you ask me to describe my art, "classify" it.. the best description that enters my mind would be "naive symbolistic expressionism". I hope you enjoy it.


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