I am a watercolorist who has been painting for over 40 years. I came to watercolors in a roundabout manner: I did not have any art classes available to me in my small school but I did like to draw as a kid until I was ridiculed for my naïve approach so did not pursue art until I was older I I signed up to learn tol`e painting with a friend. We were just looking for a creative outlet and to have something fun to do to shorten the long winters of northern Wisconsin but I discovered that I really loved working with oil paints so I continued taking classes. I learned many techniques and created many pieces on wood plaques and other surfaces. My husband began making craft items and many items we did together were sold at craft fairs and in consignment stores. I began using acrylic paints which I began to prefer so that I wasn't filling our home with toxic fumes. I missed working in oils but eventually found watercolors and now I paint almost exclusively with them. Watercolors are challenging because there is always more to learn. I am always ready to start a new painting and always in the back of my mind I am trying to do my best art and become a better artist! I get more satisfaction from my watercolors than from any other medium so I will continue to try to meet the challenges they present.

My favorite subjects to paint are florals, still life, and landscapes. I do some portraits and do enjoy working from photos for animal portraits. I have painted many things for my family and friends. I have also tackled large banners for my church and enjoy doing commission work for special requests. I meet once a week with a friend and we share ideas and critique each others paintings. We paint together for a few hours and of course, we chat as we paint! At this point in my life I feel so fortunate that I am retired and can spend as much time painting as I wish!