Art by Luiza Vizoli

Art by Luiza Vizoli

My goal as an artist is to convey the joy of life through my artwork and bring it to your home!

I'm a full time professional artist , born in Romania-Europe, currently living and working in Minnesota. I was raised in a strict communist country with no freedom of expression . While the communist regime was present in most of the Eastern European countries, art was one of those fields that were stepped aside to allow factory workers and other industrialist affairs to prosper .
I am a business major with an artistic soul. For years I've tried to balance the word of corporate business with my passion for art.Being an artist was my part time job back in Romania.
Although the Romanian revolution against the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and his communist party took place in December 1989, art in Romania still didn’t rise up to its amazing potential.

I've been following my dreams for the past 10 years and never regretted it one bit. I'm happy to say I'm a full time artist .

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