Art b K DeLeon

Art b K DeLeon

Artwork by Krystina "K" DeLeon

Krystina DeLeon is a native of Kansas. whose love of art stems from a combination of attributes in her early childhood. Raised by a hard-working single mother in a series of small town residences with her older sister.

Shortly after the divorce of her parents. She was diagnosed with Valvular Heart Disease, much to the dismay of her immediate family. Her love of art continued to grow through those early years of living a calmer life than that of her peers.

Despite the health problems she was often found hiking or exploring the local hills and rivers with her older sister. Nature and her mother encouraged her to capture the moment in a sketch. Under the guide of her mother's talent, she learned quickly the basics of drawing and developed a new appreciation for her ever growing skills.

High school was where she learned of her love of ink drawings. Given her families, humble income pens and markers were often the extents of the supplies available to her. at the age of 15, she suffered a fall resulting in a fractured L5. Forced to be in a bed for an undetermined amount of time she spent several hours a day building upon her unsatiable appetite for nature by drawing the scenes she most missed. with the support of her mother and sister and natural stubbornness, she reclaimed the mobility she had lost.

Shortly after Graduating she moved to Great bend Ks. where she met her supporting husband, who gave further inspiration to her then hobby of drawing. Shortly after her husband proposed to her, She was faced with the devastating loss of her mother.

Her husband supported and encouraged through the grief of the detrimental loss. With the love and support, she rediscovered her passion for art. with the same stubbornness she had in her past obstacles she delved further into her art.

Today her art has been displayed in several towns in Kansas, including a Resturant where a select number of pieces are out on display and for sale, and as of recently, her art will be displayed in France. she has also participated in local Art Crawls. She has worked on various individual commissions ranging from portraits to illustrations for children book series.

Artist Statment

I love Ink, its Fluidity, its permanence, to me it is like a beautiful telling scar. nothing is ever truly black and white ink shows this with its many different degrees of values and how they blend to tell one story. I Love capturing the moment and trapping the feeling of the time within my dots and lines and consider myself blessed to be able to convey these feelings and moments to you.

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