I have been an artist since I was a child. I have drawn and painted ever since. I am some what of a self-taught artist. I took art classes in high school, a number of college level classes at different schools but life got in the way. So what i have mainly learned has been the old fasion way - hard work.

I have had the fortunate opportunity to do extensive travel in my life which has greatly enhanced obsevation skills and appreciation of the contributions to art and culure. This part of my life and many, many creations is my school. Copying many of the old masters have been my teacher (this is the way the old school masters taught their students). In my many years of art I have recreated everything from Mickey Mouse, Superman to the work of Frederick Remington. Most of my current work is done in acrylic on canvas. My inspiration comes from my wide range of travel and appreciation of beauty of God's creations.

When starting a new work it is always frustrating because the vision in my head is not on the canvas or paper. But that is part of creative process. The original vision is not always what comes out in the process. I just stay with it and stay with it and stay with it. Slowly it developes into the creation but better. For me as an artist i get into "the groove" as i work, time and life around me becomes meaningless. I am in the world of color, shapes, forms, feelings that can only be communicated via the work, not words. Just as the viewer many times cannot express in words why they like or don't like the piece.

When I am at my studio the middle of a painting and "in the groove" I feel the landscape and I feel like I am there. If it is a forest scene I can smell the fresh earth and the flowers. If it is a broad landscape I feel like I am actually there (some times I am) and I breathe deep and absorb the fresh air. If it is a seascape I fell the mist of the crashing waves. I feel the thunder of the ocean as it falls upon the cliffs and rocks. I work at putting that type of feel or energy into every piece of my work.

As a paint medium acrylics and watercolors both use water as painting material and brush cleanser. In some of my on-site paintings I have used the water that is standing nearby. As a result, some of my work actually has remnants of the location, no matter how small, actually in the work. So, in those works, an owner of the original will sometimes get an extra benefit without even knowing it.

My originals come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by me. Keep it with the painting should ownership change over time to prove the originality of the painting and owner.

Lighthouse in Coming Storm


Summer 2014 Additions

Texas Wildflower Day