ART by E.K.T.

ART by E.K.T.


My artwork takes an aesthetic view on words, nature, culture, expressions and mysticism. As a musician I was always impressed with musical sublimity and the concept of music as the most abstract art-form, the most common language in the whole world. As a philosopher I was always passionate about words and their meaning, that is why in my Postgraduate Studies I decided to choose field of aesthetics - theories and ideas about laws of beauty and ugliness, forms and shapes, harmony and anarchy.
This ideological passion stopped in the station called “absurd ideas”. Ideas that show off our real faces, lets us to feel ecstatic sublimity of divine, gives us the feeling of freedom (We abandon fear of being burnt in hell, because we are already here. Moreover this place is spectacular.). My attraction to nihilism, existentialism and symbolism needs direct expression, not only in music and words, but also visually . ”I create, therefore I am.“
And then, once, when I took off my glasses because of rain, I realized that my current state and absolutely everything in this world, including personality, moral laws, culture, our aesthetic and religious feelings, political, social and contemporary art concepts, as well as organic and chemical objects and subjects by themselves are abstract. I may add, that abstract in both meanings of term is: (1) short summary text of maybe something important for someones-self; (2) idea or phenomena for someone that exists in thought, but not having physical or just simply concrete existence. .
Can you imagine Silence as music? Empty paper as a novel? One sound as complete sonata and point in the middle of page as a poetry? I am not talking about specific styles like minimalism, expressionism, conceptualism, realism, etc., I am talking about the idea of abstract. This idea of abstract opens in statement of color in visual art-forms, appears as a high contrast between shapes and forms, patterns, texture, specific effects and opened symbolic statements that are taken from ancient cultures - Egyptian, Oriental, Jewish, Scandinavian and Baltic folklore, Bible myths and pagan rituals, famous novels and musical tragedies.

So welcome to the way I live in this world and hope you will enjoy the journey.