Art by Coralee

Art by Coralee

Coralee studied art in Florence, Italy at the Instituto Statale d’Arte di Porta Romana, l’Accademia delle Belle Arti, and Villa Schifanoia. She studied under sculptor Bruno Innocenti and painters, Alfio Rapisardi and Valentino Valentini.

Her work is owned by collectors and institutions in USA, Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan, India, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, Philippines, Romania and England.

Besides showing around the country, Coralee has won numerous awards both in the Florida, New York, nationally and internationally:

Her art is represented on Cascata Wine Labels and Chartpak advertising and products.

The artist’s work can be found in Franklin Street Gallery in Watkins Glen, NY, Dundee, NY and on Cape Cod, and in the Florida Keys: Murals in Ocean Isles Fishing Village.

Coralee works in artist markers, watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, and pastels in an impressionistic and occasionally textile style. Subject matter for paintings includes tropical and northern landscape, florals and wildlife. Her wood sculpture is a mix between cubism and impressionism.

K. Coralee Burch
Artist’s Statement

Art is my passion, my joy, my ability to overcome adversity, my opportunity to express myself, and it’s just plain fun. I have struggled to learn, improve and grow. Right now I fluctuate between experimenting and learning through several media, and intent to express myself. They are both important to me. I would say my abilities in problem solving outweigh my creativity and technical skill and therefore I am always seeking a new approach to something and way to artistically solve a visual problem I pose for myself. Sometimes I paint spontaneously and sometimes I think about and study an idea for days and work on the various steps to make it happen. Sometimes I redo a theme when I feel I have finally conquered my process. My art is a work in progress and always will be. I believe in Karma, a chance in this world to manipulate the material in order to grow spiritually. Art is part of my Karma, my challenge along with being the love of my life.