Oils and More

Oils and More


Born and raised in Manila, Philippines, Cynthia lives and paints in Washington, DC. She works mostly with oil. She uses watercolor, charcoal, pastel, and ink periodically but oil is her favorite medium. Her style is primarily representational with touches of impressionism although she has ventured into abstraction in some of her pieces. “My art reflects my visual and emotional experiences. A face in the crowd, a scene from nature, a newsprint photo, or a disquieting piece of news can trigger an idea for a painting or drawing."

“Her body of work covers a wide range of styles and themes including colorful landscapes and portraits that exude intimacy and warmth… Her style of brushwork and use of colors add drama and energy to her paintings. Whether representational or abstract, her work reveals a personal approach to her art that seeks to convey a mood or tell a story.” (Neil Joffe, local artist and art teacher from South Africa)

To see her work, click on her website: https://paintingsbycynthia.com or follow her Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ArtByCynthiaAngeles/

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