Art By Bully

Art By Bully

Sade Bully is a West Indian native, born in the nature island of Dominica and raised in Kingston, Jamaica. She is daughter of Caribbean playwright, director and visual artist Dr. Alwin Bully, and remembers spending most of her childhood weekends watching her father draw or paint; or in the theater with him, watching and studying his plays, line by line.

Despite this significant artistic influence, and a passion for dance, Sade found herself attending Medical School at the University of the West Indies where she received a Bachelors of Medical Sciences and Surgery (MBBS). Promptly after, however, she left the practice in order to pursue a dance career in New York City before it was “too late”. She initially studied at “The Ailey School” in Manhattan, before auditioning for her dream company “Garth Fagan Dance”. Four years later she is currently a senior dancer with the company, growing into principal roles and gaining critical recognition for her work with the esteemed company.

It wasn’t until sustaining a serious foot and ankle injury in 2013 that Sade picked up the pen and started drawing. With a lot more hours in the day free, she started experimenting with these drawings, being influenced strongly by her medical background and anatomical knowledge, as well as her emotional frustrations dealing with heart breaks in both her personal and professional life. Drawing was therapeutic, and gave her a creative outlet for expression during a time when she was unable to dance. With encouragement from friends and family, she continued to draw, and eventually started painting and posting her images on social media even after her transition back on to the dance floor.

This series, entitled “X-Ray Vision(s)” can be described as an introspection and investigation of a dancing doctor’s broken heart, mind and body… and a rise, through art, to healing, renewal, strength, and hope.