Bethany Pell (Art By B)

Bethany Pell (Art By B)

Mixed Media Artist, Bethany Pell Denver, CO -Whatever my Hand finds to Create

I find a purpose in just about everything and with that purpose, there is usually a metaphor to follow,
The take of my art:
Paintbrush: Chaos, pain, sadness, anxiety, stress, worry, excitement, joy
Paint: Journey, Hope, Healing, Wisdom
Pallet: Thought process, ideas, criticism, advice
Canvas: Trial by Fire, Correction, Checkpoints of Journey
Rinse Cup; Tears, sweat, stagnant waters, turning points, transition, perseverance.
End Result: Enlightenment, Strength, flowing waters to someone else and to reach an unknown purpose

My prayer is to be a vessel that God uses to reach whoever it may be to convey a message of confirmation, reminder, encouragement, or whatever it may be, something that I may not know and the recipient didn't even know that they were waiting for but when they see it they know it's for them or they just like it and want it too haha :-) If it is only for 1000 people or 1, my hope is every time they look at the painting they would be reminded of Him and how He cares about every detail of your life. I want to provoke thought and revelation.

God is Love and Love is God and Love Never Fails