Art by Audriana

Art by Audriana

I'm just a college student who has decided to pursue a career in arts. I am working on get my associates degree right now. I need to make a little extra money on the side to pay some bills and the school. I would love to someday be a great artist. So I have found this site and decided to try it out and see if I can sell some of my art here.

I would also like to start having people request for me to draw something for them. A lot of my art work so far is not up for prints because I need to get better pictures of them but if anyone is interested in asking me to draw something for them or wants me to put one of the drawings up in my gallery for sale please let me know. Some of them may be very expensive such as my two favorite drawings.

You can contact me at my email
Or via twitter would be best @wondergirlaudri