Art Ty

I have always loved art at school and enjoyed drawing. I've self-taught myself drawing subjects from cartoons to realistic portraits. It's very important to capture an individuals personal features that makes them stand out and who they are. Using the different artist pencils, from pastels, charcoal and graphite, to learning about the technique of blending and skin tones has been an experience. Like all artists know, it's all about practice and even though you have days you feel like your not good enough and can be better, never give up, take a break, re-charge and get back into it.

I am very passionate about art and attention to detail. It's a great feeling when others react to your art and how excited they are when you've made them happy with the art or a personal portrait. It's very touching but no matter how great others see the art, personally I'm always looking to get better and not completely satisfied. I wish I had taken up art lessons sooner as it is a passion, but sometimes life experiences take you down other avenues.

I have drawn many friends family members and I also enjoy drawing celebrities. It's important to stay fresh and passionate and that will always be my goal. I love drawing personal portraits including loved ones, family, friends, pets, to your favourite actor or music artist.