In the Colours, Life

In the Colours, Life

Reshma has a distinction in ICSE, HSC, and Merit Distinction in Master's in Personnel Management, Diploma in Business Management, '97,and Graduate in Literature Arts and Education, affiliated Pune University.
IIM L, PG Human Resources Executive, India.

Reshma's work has had offers to be displayed in many art spaces, exhibitions and Contemporary Art Masters and World Artists' Expertise etc..

The work shared here is created by Reshma Arora and is towards serving good causes.

Digital and natural methodology is applied depending upon phases, presentation and subjective needs. Work in actual through water colours, oil paints, paper and eco-friendly material can be arranged for in due course.

the sun, how beautiful it is

The Literature of Some Colours


Math, Geometry, Hues and Love

Loving through Many Hues

A Life Worth Living

Today,the day of salvation/wholeness

The Dominant, Life

Free , in