Armen MB

Armen MB

Was born in 1976 in the USSR, Leningrad, in the family of an architect and a painter. Singleton, since childhood he was fond of natural sciences, physics, chemistry. His father and uncle were architects, mother is a painter. The child has always been surrounded by art and people who made art. In such an environment it was impossible to not paint in various ways and with different colors.

At the age of 6, 1982, for his birthday, he was given his first camera, FED Micron, development of Soviet engineers with a frame size 24x18. An ordinary cassette contained not 36 frames, but 72, allowing you to try and make mistakes, carry out experiments, which pushed him to a new direction – in photography. It is worth to remark that in the Soviet there were no such services as photo development or printing. So from the early age the boy mastered techniques for processing photo materials.

We can say that his admission to the Art Lyceum in 1991, and then to the Academy of Arts in 1994 with a degree in Architecture was absolutely logical, even inevitable. After graduating from the Academy of Arts in 2000, Armen went to work in Ireland, Dublin, where he was engaged in development and design of public interiors. After returning to Russia in 2002, he was intensively engaged in architecture and town planning.

Designing for the largest developers in St. Petersburg, he quickly took the position of the head of large design organization at the age of 35, which is engaged in the integrated development of area, from concept to realization. However, architecture, and especially the town planning, is a very over-regulated area. We can say that the architect pays with 2-3 years of development of documentation for 10 minutes of creativity.

Making his own free arts, not squeezed into framework of standards and customer requirements, had become an urgent need. Thus, he began to search self-expression through photography, sculpture, ceramics, stained-glass artworks, drawing and painting.

Being an experimentalist by nature, in the Creativity of Armen, various unusual materials and author’s original techniques are often mixed, giving birth to unique objects of art. From museum exhibits to interior-forming objects that create space and light utilitarian household items. All of these objects are result of constant experiments. All in a single copy, unique and original.
Member of the Union of Painters of Russia since 2000. Participant of exhibitions, including international ones.


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