We are two artist born from the same mother giving Colours and textures to the world : Fernando Armenta and Juliana B Armenta.

Fernando Armenta (33): Fernando has been exploring the art world for more than 15 years. From a very jung age he started developing artistic skills which led him to conquer the oil field.

He studied plastic arts in different art at universities like "The University of Fine Arts" at the cultural and historical city of Cartagena, Colombia. Continuing his studies at "The University of Fine Arts" at Barranquilla, "University El Bosque" Bogotá and "Universidad Simón Bolivar" Bogotá.

With his exquisite taste, along his artistic career Fernando has developed not only a great sensibility for the colors and a detailed artistical process, but also posses an spiritual sensibility.

A man full of passion and Magic.
Fernando spends his days and night painting at his atelier located in the capital of Colombia, Bogotá.

Juliana B (25) : Born in Barranquilla, Juliana Armenta is currently studying Digital Media and Cultural Studies with focus on Visual Art and Media in Germany.

Her passion for the vibrant colors, black outlines, the unstructuredness and unobjectivity of life are fully represented on her paintings. Her drawings are completely intuitive and with no previous planning. This works are the expression of her deepest feelings transformed into color and life.

She has been enormously influenced by her brother and mentor Fernando wich introduced and cultivated her on the fields of art and art history.

Fernando Armenta