Old world Arts

Old world Arts


Heya there!

First I just want to thank you for your little stop in my gallery.
I hope you like my art, and that the images may somehow touch you like it touched me when I saw it and decided to make a photo of it, trying to catch as much of it as possible.
To me art is realy all about the sharing and the whole experience which you normally can't realy describe with words. To me it often is the old and forgotten things and nature which touch me as they tend to tell a story to me. I try to capture these little stories and I hope to get to share them with you, and hopefully these stories will pass on from mouth to mouth.
A little about myself? I'm a guy from the borderlands bitween Germany and the Netherlands who is very happy and proud to be able to show you the beauty of these lands.
I'm 26 years old and very much into photography, drawing, writing and making music (folk).
Thank you once again and I hope you enjoy your tour through my gallery.

With kind regards,

Arjan Hudepol/Old world arts