I’m Arirat, from Thailand currently living in Australia Adelaide. I’m 22 years old. I’ve been creating art since I was in year 9.

My artworks varies from landscape, pouring art, surrealism, abstract, children’s art and fan art.

I work with many different types of media, such as:

* Acrylic paint
* water colour paints
* oil paints
* mixed media
* collaging

I also create artworks that incorporate texts as well.

What is of value to me is raw and abstract, translating into few languages of consequences to others. But there is that touch of the universal within me, as in everyone, and this is the source of hope that pulses under the skin of the moment. That I could share this heartbeat with everyone... I am not self-righteous, pretentious or deluded enough to believe that the job of an artist is more important than any other. All I believe is that art is sometimes necesary to make life bearable, and to remind people in their loneliest moments, that others feel as deeply as they do, that we are all alone in this together, and should make it as beautiful for each other as it honestly can be... That I could share that heartbeat with everyone, to remind them of theirs.