Anne Reboul Fine Art

Anne Reboul Fine Art

Anne Reboul was born and raised in Paris, France. She discovered drawing when she was about eight years old and was trained at the ENSAD (National School for Decorative Arts), a highly selective training school for artists. She then opted for a quite different and successful career in scientific research. On the principle that one can have several lives, she is now returning to her initial choice.
Anne Reboul is still mainly interested in drawing, but she doesn’t see drawing as a preparation for something else, for instance painting. To her, a drawing can be (and at least in some cases should be) as elaborate, complex and well-finished as a painting. This, at least, is how she sees her work.
She is also mainly interested in drawing humans, both portraits and figures. For her, drawing a portrait is not aiming at photorealism, which would amount to drawing a photograph. It is drawing a human being, a person. And it is inducing in the viewer not only the feeling that he or she is looking through the drawing at a person, but also that there is something that it is like to be this person that he or she is looking at. In other words, the viewer must have the feeling that he or she is somehow in touch with the emotions and the feelings of the person represented. That, at least, is the goal.

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