Archi Rico

Archi Rico

I live in north London,
I am a painter and I use acrylic paint for my works.

A long time ago when I was reading a book about Leonardo da Vinci I was wondering how he created his works that so delight the next generations.

Every day I perfected my work until one day I discovered my own style.

As a result, my paintings fall into some hidden dynamics. I was able to use the same technique as Leonardo da Vinci.

And then I started to spend even more time on the game with the Golden Ratio and Golden Spirals that I used to make on canvas.

Finally, I created your own style which I named "Dynamic Style".

My inspiration has always been Genius Leonardo da Vinci.

My works are characterized by deliberately planned proportions, dimensions, asymmetric shapes, frequent journeys between dimensions.


Graphic and Designers

Original Acrylic Painting by Archi R