Archi Rico

Archi Rico

I have lived and worked in North London since 2008.
I was born in 1981 and raised in Warsaw in Poland,
I am passionate about acrylic painting,
I can easily see the dynamism in my art.
I am also involved in creating graphics and designing patterns.
I am interested in fractal art.
I love to play with the divine dimension. Discovering fractal structures gives me a lot of satisfaction.
The ability to read every work in more ways, to look at things from different angles, enriches our experiences and the knowledge of the world and of ourselves.
Every work and every artist can have more keys to reading, more ways of relating to the user, from this point of view he leaves himself free to read the works, according to the affinity of the perceiver.

All paintings are for saIe.
I am inviting lovers of dynamic art and fractal construction as well as lovers art enthusiasts.


Graphic and Designers

Original Acrylic Painting by Archi R