I, ChongWu AO (artist name is Zhongwu仲吾), live in Melbourne, Australia, am an independent contemporary freelance painting Asian artist.

I use ink painting on the rice paper and use an abstract approach to depict the feelings and thinking of beauty. My painting shows Asian cultural elements and humanistic spirit and is magnificent, open, natural, and has no limit. Adopting the methods of masters such as: Qing Teng, Shi Tao and Changshuo WU. Freedom your true feelings is the portrayal of my work.

Traditional art is rational, abstract art is irrational. Abstract art pursues the sense of visual pleasure, and pure visual pleasure is the essence of art. Abstract aesthetic is the instinct of human nature, like music and food; it is the gift of human freedom.

True temperament, true abstraction and figurative art. Let the viewers get free imagination in their appreciation, soar in the space of free imagination...




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