Pareidolia Abstract Art

Pareidolia Abstract Art

Hello! My name is Sam and I create abstract art using various acrylic pour techniques. I love having others look at a completed piece and asking them what images they see in it. This is actually the process I use to name each piece.

I have always been able to easily see clear and distinct images (faces, people, animals, ect) from obscure, unrelated stimulus (clouds, scribbles, trees, etc.). This phenomena is called Pareidolia- thus the name of my gallery!

I realize the art community is probably flooded with acrylic pour paintings, so I appreciate you coming to support my page. I work incredibly hard on each painting and put a piece of myself into each one. When I am making a painting, nothing else matters in that moment. It is very therapeutic and very much like a spiritual experience for me.

When I am not working, I am a mother to a 4 year old named Meadow and am currently 6 months pregnant with her sister! I am normally work as a Social Worker, but since the Pandemic I now teach English online. I am a volunteer Advocate for Children who are abused and neglected and also spend time helping out at a local animal sanctuary. I also donate 10% of my profits to homeless veterans in my town.

I look forward to sharing my art with everyone!
If you have request for certain colors- please let me know! I would love to make a custom piece for you!