Anwar Sohel

Anwar Sohel

Anwar Sohel was born on January 16, 1977 in Bangladesh. Anwar is a self-learned artist with a deep and passionate appreciation for beauty in the natural world. He has been cherishing passion for painting from early childhood. Anwar being an electronic engineer tries to find time, as much as possible, for him to devote into world of creation and ecstasy.

This enthusiastic and sensitive joy is reflected strongly in his artwork. His work is executed in a vibrant, impressionistic style, which - while still retaining its representational roots, incorporates abstract elements, resulting in a uniquely contemporary union.

Painting, teaching and helping other aspiring artists, and making attempts to create something beautiful or interesting is his life's work. His current work is concerned with culturally-charged, manufactured objects nearing obsolescence, their adjoining environments and the allegorical associations that are revealed through their traces and memories.

Artist's Statement:

In this journey your inspiration and recommendations give me strength to concentrate on meaningful creation. Still I am learning and practicing to create a piece that really gives joy to others. Through the expressive qualities of paint, I suggest rather than explain; leaving room for you, the viewer, to delight in discovery and to respond in a very personal manner.