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" The pursuit of truth in freedom, for freedom's sake - I lost, but was not defeated, grew stronger, became more aware, became more grateful. I won, but I am not a winner." Jacob von Sternberg

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Art critic Jacopo Vicini on Jacob's Tokyo Echoes collection:
"Do you know about the influence of Japanese art in Jacob von Sternberg’s creative production?

Great traveler, Jacob is known for his expressive versatility. During his prolific career, the artist has distinguished himself for the high level of multidisciplinary professionalism in his creative research. After traveling to Japan, he has remained fascinated by Japanese culture and has given birth to a refined painting series in which he explores the spirituality and phenomenology of the Land of the Rising Sun.

The series, characterized by the use of various media, is a reprise of Jacob 's time In Japan and shows a sophisticated language built on particular expedients that recall the thickness of Zen calligraphy, the delicate chormatism of Japanese woodblock prints and the suspended atmospheres typical of the Kanō school.

The collection is, undoubtedly, a unique pictorial documentation of von Sternberg’s artistic quality."

Raised within a conservative family with a heritage in the pharmaceutical industry, he left home early studying art history, colour theory and so much more, Jacob moved to Vienna in order to study colour psychology. His studies led to further projects and intensive research on particular color frequencies found in plant extracts. He fell in love with nature’s botanical creations.

In the 1990s he was fortunate enough to count Sir Peter Ustinov and Prof. Luigi Colani amongst his friends. Their wisdom and professional support were a most welcome gift.

2014 - Collaboration with legendary photographer Tony Ward who honoured Jacob's work with a photo production. The photo series was published later worldwide.

In his interior design career Jacob soon won several prestigious awards for his unique design approach.

His artworks have been sold to institutional customers and private collectors; clients that Jacob met during his interior design career. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has led to an important step. He has decided to focus on what he loves most for the future; creating paintings, sculptures and installation works. Jacob now wants to expand, to present his original works to a broader public.

"Since a couple of years I focus more on the art and philosophy related aspects of my research. Mostly on intergenerational responsibilities applied to human rights in order to create a more sustainable human rights framework spanning over a multi-generational horizon.

Apart from my art, my goal for the next years, is to inspire the development of a further advanced human rights framework, that integrates the needs of more than one generation only. Thus protecting future generations and preserving earth for further generations."

New representations:
Representation Italy: Yugen Art Gallery Milan
Representation Malta: Rudy Buhler Art Gallery Marsaskala

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