Anuprita was born in Maharashtra, India in 1966.

She studied Foundation course at Model Art Institute. Its final exam was conducted at J. J. School of Arts. Further she completed Textile designing diploma at L.S. Raheja Technical Institute standing first in the order of merit in the state of Maharashtra. She has done one year diploma course in Ceramics and Pottery, passing out in first class at the same institute.
She got merit certificate at Loretto Convent School, Mumbai in 8th grade art competition.

Personal Journey:
My first art guru, my late mother Sheela Mahajan, taught me drawing before I started school which inspired me. Because I was dyslexic, so I always studied with use of my visual memory, art and play of colors. Another inspiration is my childhood favorite toy, big to small, color disks with a King's head at the top. Playing with it, completely lost on in my own colored world.
Our home was always filled with beauty, art, music and dance. My mother's food decoration, icing on the cake she made drew my attention to colors and shapes. My father Shantaram Mahajan, a civil engineer wanted me to study architecture, as he could not. So I joined college, 11th grade in Science stream, but could not cope with it due to dyslexia. Then I finally shifted to Model Art Institute foundation course. Doing well there, I got admission to Textile designing at L.S. Raheja and stood first there. In spite of that, for two years I was work less. That was when I started becoming a seeker studying spirituality and religion. Doing art that was not connected to textile at all. After two years, I got my designing assignment in international garment making West Coast Industries. I worked uptil two years after marriage. After that I made and sold hand painted and hand embroidered ladies Indian style garments. Then few years after I stopped working, I had my baby boy. When he turned 2/3 years old, I worked making and selling candle stands, lamp sheds, side tables, hand-painted vases, kitchen jars, etc. After few years, I took a gap for household and family matters. In 2011, my mother told me, as I was suffering from bipolar disorder (which started in 1996), I learned fine arts so that art will heal me. At the same time, due to dyslexia, I had not learned fine arts. In Savvy teacher, I found my guru. (But in 1997, I did art of living course of my guruji, Shri Shri Ravi Shankar.) Maturity in spiritual and art followed. And today I am starting my web art gallery.(Aug. 2015). I started writing poetry from the age of 13. I just want to address people and artist who are fighting against handicap like me (Bipolar depression) get inspire by me

My Arts' purpose
It is nothing or everything for me. Art as in my case helped healing diseases, small or big, for me. I am always amazed how it lessens my medication and brings god and my gurus close to me. After all as we say in India, we are just puppets, dancing to god's will, He pulls the strings-we are just the medium. I feel strongly that there should be art for everyone. Art in villages, small towns, big cities, art for poor and rich. Art for healthy people, art for ailing people. Art for little children and older people. Art for orphanage children, for pregnant women, and old people homes. Art for people who can not afford it, can be worked out forming groups of artistes to execute it as social service. (I grew up watching my father do a lot of social work, now I watch his holiness Shri Shri Ravi Shankarji). Art connects itself with person watching it and also connects people to people. It is meditation, i is solace.