Antonio Jose Martins

Antonio Jose Martins

...'deep and harmonious landscapes, which allow us to observe and search only up to a certain point, and then we are free to wander through dreams'.

'You managed as if what is inside the painting started to move, gives me the idea of matter in revolution that seems familiar but that in the next look revolts against our will and takes on a will of its own. As if each brushstroke was a moving element of a mass composed of other elements that do not respect our desire to observe, moving to where we least expect it.
The painting has become a living thing, which makes us think and repeat the attempt to explain what may not be explained.
In its deepest layer, painting shows us the history, visions and perhaps the meanings of things, people and the permanent
and endless combustion of all knowledge.'

by Joaquim Boaventura Martins


First exhibition in 1988 (Galeria 'O Primeiro de Janeiro') Coimbra, Portugal
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