Antonio Maggi

Antonio Maggi

Imagine you are laying on the grass, staring at the clouds and you see shapes and forms of objects like fruit, animals or flowers and all your memories, ideas and dreams come together and become a collection of visions connected to life experiences.

A translation of the subconscious encapsulates the visual form that is a painting.

Symbolism is very important to me, but I try not to be too explicit in their meanings, I want the viewer to be able to translate them as they wish.

I was born in Bergamo (Italy) in 1968 and studied fine art at the School of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan (Italy), Graduating in 1992.

I have studied and worked with different media: painting, photography, printmaking, cartoons, graphic design, and I have exhibited in many art projects in England, Croatia, Holland and Italy.

Holy Empire

Leonardo da Vinci 500

Red, Gold and then more.

The sky in me

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