Create something, whatever it is, is like ... falling in love. Start with an idea; someone who smiles at you from some distance and flirts, you discover yourself fantasizing, and start with the plans, the sketches and suddenly one day you dare the first step and in front of a blank canvas (anything, a napkin, a cloth, a sheet) you give the first brushstroke. You can not think about anything else, and you get caught up in a great passion in which the only thing that matters is to be close to that person.
Suddenly you stop. . . Take a few steps back and carefully analyze what you are doing. You discover miles of flaws and imperfections, details that must be corrected, so you work on it (more green here ... less definition over there ...) And then you get it!
For a small moment your work is perfect and you get married. But now the boring part continues ... you have to market, sell, distribute, pay taxes, send ... Ugh! You don’t even see that person anymore. You just assume is there and it’s worth something. Others admire it, praise it but you take it for granted.
One day however, for any circumstance you have to face it and carefully analyze, remember all the good things, the good times and be grateful.

Then another idea comes up and you start again.

Yes, I know, is strenuous but I wouldn’t have it in any other way.

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