i am a passinate artist who believe that pencil and paper can take me along way.
paper has been apart of earth for along time and it is the corner stone of life.
im 25 years old father living in the south florida. the toughest place to be. i have a dream that some day ill be a great painter. ive lost love ones and been in the hardest of times. i love to become a full time painter but in today world that is unfortinaly frowned apon. I’m gifted in many forms of art. I have ten years experience. Haven’t quite settled to one niche but I will someday. If I had to choose I’d say it was cartoon realism. Or protriat painting. I like to use traditional pens and pencils, And acrylic paint 🎨. I transition from paper, canvases, and skin art from time to time. I’m originally from from Florida with dreams of traveling the country. Leaving a mark if you know what I’m saying 😉. Life is short and honestly I rather live it out doing what I love to do.

Living on the brink

following my dreams

Favorite characters

self protrait

let my heart lead