Hamzah Ansari

Hamzah Ansari


Hi, my name is Hamzah Ansari. I'm a 20 year old male who, at the moment, is unemployed. However, in the next few months, I am hoping to start a college course on Gaming Development where hopefully I can fulfil my childhood dream of making video games for a living, even if they are small indie ones. So, at the behest of my family, I am trying to sell my art so that I can help pay for my college course, and hopefully upgrade my drawing equipment, both digital and traditional.

To pass the time I draw stuff. Have been doing so for about 3 years, though I stopped for about 15 months, and I only recently got back into it. I now spend the majority of my time drawing stuff (which a lot of it doesn't get finished) and playing games. You may already guess from my gallery, but I mainly draw fanart of characters from comics, games, movies or animated TV shows.

I do have a deviantART profile :http://redriolu447.deviantart.com/ if you want check it out - I do have a lot of old/bad stuff on there but yeah...