Annie's Abstract Gallery

Annie's Abstract Gallery

Born in 2002, Annie is a freelancer artist studying at Carlos III University of Madrid.

From a very young age, she started to bloom her passion for art in many of its ways. Playing instruments and painting have marked her to fully express herself through art. Her desire to meet, and interact with the world is the basic concept of her work. Aesthetically speaking, Annie combines impulsive combinations, gestural brush marks, intensive layering to provide insights into the passionate sensation experienced while creating her work.

The intention behind the selling of her work was born with the belief that behind each painting there is a story. Their own story to tell, of the artists’ collection of moments and experiences that occurred while making the piece. But at the same time, it is often forgotten that the story continues after the purchase of the customer. Because the client, by hanging the artwork in an important place for them, begins to create new experiences and stories with it as well. Annie paints for her self-expression and for you to also be identified with her work. Because the experience that the artist begins by painting and closes by selling it, is reopened by the buyer and with it, a never-ending story begins.

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