Annie Lane Folk Art

Annie Lane Folk Art

I am a self taught artist. I believe that art is from oneself and should not be directed by anyone's rules or techniques. I have created my own style through my own journey of learning. I do not follow the standard rules with painting or marketing of my work. My resume does not consist of showings, group memberships or degrees. I just paint. I feel that the true success of my work is shown through actual sales. I have sold over 500 paintings in the five years that I have been painting.

In my life I have moved through many different phases. I have worked with oils, acrylics and pastels. I have painted, sculpted and built with many abstract materials, but art had always been a sideline. In the year 2000, my husband and moved from the city to a totally "Green" solar and wind powered home on 40 acres in Northern Arizona. We immersed ourselves in the farm life, self sustained living and my dream of being a professional artist. For the next 6 years we owned a shop where we successfully sold antiques and my artwork. You will see the influence of my antiqueing years in my work.
We have since closed the shop to allow me to focus fully on my paintings without distraction. I am now a full time artist and have been selling my paintings mainly on the internet. Thanks to this world wide access, my paintings are now in many homes across the country and worldwide, featured on fun and functional products and offered on hand painted needlepoint canvases.

Thanks for taking the time.....

Annie Lane

Annie Lane Original Paintings