Beauty Meters Must Be filled. I see life as a balance between a stress meter and a beauty meter. These work opposite each other. When stress is high, beauty is low and visa versa. There is a lot of over stressed and depressed people out there who need this simple formula to re balance their selves. My mission in life is to provide you an avenue that is either without or with a minimal image presence, has many layers of interest, and is beautiful so each day when you arrive home to your sanctuary you can see this beauty and recharge the best you. I do not mean to bring up any memories or hurtful times. My life goal is to make and distribute beauty that can be experienced in your home to fill your beauty meter. My pinnacle of success is when I hear from a Bestie who owns a piece of my art that they sit and look, and let their mind be immersed in beauty and let it balance the day. I have the rest of my lifetime to follow this pursuit for you, and what an amazing journey for us all.

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