Anna Mills Raimondi

Anna Mills Raimondi

I was born in Hamilton Ontario in 1946. I was brought to the Us in 1949 and lived in Brooklyn NY where I saw my first original art at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. For years I had a small print of Renoir's "Girl with a Watering Can" and Rembrandt's "Night Watch " and the memory of the scale and color of that experience.
By 1952 we moved to a small town on costal North Carolina . There I learned to love the sea shore , woods , rivers and wild places of the outer banks. The only Art I was exposed to were small "Holy Cards" that were used to teach young Catholics about the beliefs of the Catholic Church. Most of these images were reproductions of Italian Renaissance Liturgical Masters.
In 1960 we moved to southern Florida, Fort Lauderdale . Here in 1962 I began my first art studies and spent the summers drawing with charcoal and painting still-life's in oil paint. I learned that color was a language I understood.
I moved to Las Vegas when it was a small town in 1967 . Madness in sewed. Acid trips debauchery and experimentation in how to be opened me up to a kind of courage that opened "The Doors of Perception"

Then a stay in Lake Tahoe were I had my first of many spiritual experiences . I moved to Santa Barbara and there I grew as an artist and a woman . I had a son in July first of 1975 and began a journey of being two . Disciplines like Yoga and meditation kept me growing . In 1986 at 40 years old I had a daughter and made the decision that i wanted her to have a Mother who lived a life pursuing a dream . And the 1990's were a time of growth and joy . I had my first one woman show. and found a Gallery to show my work. I went back to collage and finally lived up to my potential .
In 1993 Kauai the "Garden Island" of Hawaii called and we flew there on faith . A year later I married my soul mate Richard J. Raimondi. In 1995 we created the "Hanapepe Art Center" and ran it for seven years. Featuring our paintings that we collaborated on and our own paintings and Rick's sculptures. We volunteered at the Hanapepe Children Theatre and did murals , gave lessons , and established a gift shop. We collaborated with many fine artists to create a "Friday Night Art Night " in 1996 that is going strong to this very day.

We are senior artists now and live outside of Portland Oregon where we enjoy the seasons and two beautiful granddaughters. seven decades of creating art has given me a rich and wonderful life. Not an easy life but a wonderful life filled with beautiful people from all over the planet.

Paintings of Passing Fancys