Anna Levesh is an emerging and self-taught contemporary Franco-Ukranian photographer, born in Yalta, Crimea, in 1983, and residing in France since 1991. Her artistic inspirations are plural and numerous, her imagination - inexhaustible.

From de dynamics of speed in her "Torsions & Distorsions" series, from the surprising objectivity tinged with nostalgia for pieces of life chosen and highlighted in "Slices of Life" series, through games of transparencies, reflections and artistic blurs of "Reflections and Transparencies" series, the study of movement and weightlessness, the purity of architectural lines in "Archi-Lines" series, to experimental , strange and surprising photographs like "Ghosts & Aliens" series, "Fashion Week" series which brings a certain vision of the fashion world of tomorrow, or "City Rumors" series, which adorn the secrets of streets and cities with a veil of evanescence and impressionist poetry, Anna Levesh tirelessly explores through her travels, but also everyday life, all artistic and creatives possibilities of contemporary photography.


Everything is reborn from the ashes. From the blows of fate too. While the harm was crowning the planet and stealing the spring, as we've felling vertiginously, annihilated, blown away by the scale of the phenomenon, somewhere came into the world an artistic inspiration, a photographic vocation, an illumination, a rebirth as a new breath. Something beautiful was changing and appearing in a new light. From a lockdown caterpillar I became a butterfly, touched by the grace of an intangible certainty, a perpetually renewed wonder and a never satisfied curiosity. An obvious fact was born: the creative fury took off to never stop rising.


My artistic ambition is closely linked to a constant search of innovation. Reshuffle the cards of already seen, freeing oneself from already lived, transgress established codes and define the new outlines, to give a new direction, consistency and meaning to the artistic dynamic of photography. This research goes through different paths and forms of expression, and is nourished by imagination and originality. Exploring all the possibilities of photography, this is my project and my goal.


Art is present everywhere and all the time. It's embodied in ordinary moments, infiltrates everyday scenes and disguises itself in each being or each thing. It lives in the moment as an offering, a precious gift. Capturing the truth of this moment, taking it in the heat of the action, immortalizing its rarity, its purity and its power, is what makes beating the heart of my quest as a photographer.


My vision of photography is spontaneous, instinctive. The unpredictability prevails above all, it's this which creates the beauty of the situations. Stripped of its chains, and out of frame, photography can express itself freely, unhindered and let itself be tamed.

My photographic series cannot be considered, they define themselves and manifest themselves to me throughout the creative process. When I take a photograph, I explore all the possibilities beforehand. I'm looking for something sibylline, an aesthetic that is elusive at first glance. It's like a secret to discover, an enigma to be solved. If I succeed, I see right through a mystery. Then it's a revelation. Photography flourishes before my eyes, the completed image translates all its reason for being.


My works are born, move, and maintains over time. They are the guardians of their own reality, of their ambiguity and of their vital breath. Through my creative work, I seek to infuse a soul, an aura, a closeness and an intimacy into each of my photographic works, and I aim to make them alive, lively and authentic.

Artist Photographer