Anna Kekesi-Kim

Anna Kekesi-Kim

When Anna Kim was an undergraduate at the College of William and Mary, she held her first illuminated manuscript- the Songs of Innocence by William Blake. There was nothing like holding an actual piece of art that had been made by the artist himself and from that point forward, she was hooked on illuminated manuscripts and medieval art. After completing her undergraduate work at William and Mary, she went on to study medieval illuminated manuscripts at Old Dominion University where she fell in love with the colors and patterns of the Beatus manuscripts of 10th century Spain.

In her work she tries to find colors that inspire her to see joy in the world around her. Painting is a way for her to discover her own joy. She often paints in different styles and locations depending on the subject matter. She has held various art-related jobs, from teaching at community centers and in classrooms to restoring a rock mural in Penitente Canyon, Colorado. Though she mostly does private commissions, she also has artwork in the permanent collection of Rio Grande County Museum in Del Norte, Colorado.

She is always available for commissions. Please see more of her work at


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