Anna Burger

Anna Burger

I was born in 1980 in the Ukraine, where I absolved the art school. I started to paint with watercolor and gouache. Then I moved to Austria, where I live and work since 20 years. I am also passionate photograph and travel a lot. And I bring a piece of beauty from everywhere. Soon, I understood that I can show the beauty of the world by myself. And then I indulged myself in art, started learning in art studios to be taught for oil and acrylic painting by recognized masters such Mag. Art. M. Schleinzer and Mag. a. Ana Benesch. My art is an expression of my personality and creativity, which is what makes each piece unique. I cherish the connection with nature and I feel that the artistic exchange between the land and the artist opens up many opportunities. I combine different techniques to create my mixed media pieces and sculpture paintings. I leave my paintings to please others, to create the mood, decorate the house, give a bit of sun and light! I hope that you will enjoy them too!

Fluid Art

Acrylic paintings

Deep impasto paintings

Sculpture painting

Mixed media art