Anna Marija Bulka 3D Art painting

Anna Marija Bulka 3D Art painting

Halo. My name is Anna Marija Bulka. I'm from Poland. I get master of fine arts degree in painting at the University of Fine Art in Poland. I currently live in England. I am a self-representing artist. You are purchasing this artwork directly from me. Every artwork is the result of long painti ng process, every canvas is born during the creative search, every painting is full of my inner world. Each of my paintings brings different moods, colours and emotions. I love to experiment and I feel the best part of creating is often the surprise result when you try something new.
Here is a chance to own a unique piece of my art. I use only the best quality paints, and the medium. I work with acrylic, fluorescent, metallic, glitter, modelling past, mixed media on canvas. I most enjoy using is acrylics because of its versatility, brightness of colour and its quick drying time, it suits me fine for my type of paintings. All my paintings are signed on the canvas paintings finished with a varnish or gloss resin.
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