Painting to me is about expressing myself and sharing, it also an escape. I am pleased to have my paintings viewed, appreciated, and I shall always listen to those who watch them.

In France, Anka received in 1999 a scholarship for young talents, offered by the Regional Council of Britain. It helped her finance the studies at renowned École Supérieure des Arts et Techniques de la Mode (ESMOD). During studies, she completed several internships at companies in Rennes, and continued drawing, painting, illustrating books and designing fashionable dresses. In 2001 Anka launched first website with her drawings as a fashion designer (, and was nominated for the prize offered by “Fashion Design Competition of the Minister of Economic Affairs Nordrhein – Westfalen” in Germany.

In April 2011 Anka received an offer to present "La Parisienne" inside Galeries Lafayette, a series of Paris drawings realised in China ink. It was the click, the turning point! She joined Maison des Artistes and launched the second website ( to display her entire creative work. Moreover, Anka decided to prepare a painting exhibition dedicated to Rennes, the city that adopted her in France. This project has been accomplished in September 2011 through her "Tâches d'images"selection, displayed at Virgin Megastore Rennes and mentioned in "Femme à Rennes" magazine. The second presentation, "Faces," followed in December 2012 at the same location. Upon reaching a desired level of creative maturity, Anka decided to stay with painting. She now uses colours, shapes and brushes to express herself, share and escape.