Anje Vela

Thanks for taking time to check out my gallery. I spent many years promoting other people's art. Now I want to share my perspective of the world around me.

Examples (some) of my previous project work with other artist's (event coordinator/promoter):
The Cure -
Alkaline Trio -
Damien Echols premiere art exhibit -
Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedy's) and others - and
SF Rolls Out the Punk Rock Red Carpet -

Here's an event I started in SF called CowaPunka!
Power Philanthropy
Mosh for a cause

I have also participated in the following art auction to raise funds
for - Kind Women for WOMANKIND @ Industrielle Gallery

"I also love photography as a medium and find Anje Vela's photographs of trees to be particularly moving. They really capture nature's beauty and make me feel as if I were standing under the trees themselves." ~Tatiana Papanicolaou Perkin,
Partner & Chief Marketing Officer, Tribal Societe

"fun and thought provoking" Michele, Fireworks Galleries - Seattle (regarding art/ postcards)

"I received the BEAUTIFUL piece of your art - it's amazing! It is hanging in my kitchen already!" ~Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio) -

"Energy is what you see in Anje Vela’s work. You feel it too. She brings so much energy to what she sees that objects are transformed or haloed or jazzed into art—and then, made new, they enter us". ~Mara Leveritt -

"Anje, I now have two pieces of your artwork hanging in my house and it makes me happy every time I look at it! I especially love the small abstract you did that reminds me of a fall day in New England and also the new "Line" collage - it's AMAZING!! Thanks so much for sharing your work~ We need it!!" ~Mary Lonergan -





Animals, Birds, & Fish


Day of the Dead

Mixed Media