Ani Ushik

I am a Textile Designer (studied art at School Of Fine Arts named under G.Tsabadze (2004-2010) and later studied at Tbilisi State Academy Of Arts (2011-2015)) who works with various techniques and styles of art .
As a Textile Designer I usually work with clothe , to decorate and paint it by hand. My job is creating designs , prints and illustrations for clothes and other decorative art projects. I work to make Silk paper art (by own technique) , Wool , Batik , Tapestry and Shibori . Also have interests in fine arts and enjoy by painting and drawing.
My inspiration is my country-Georgia , its culture and history. I am also addicted by Islamic art ( Arabic , Persian , Turkish , Mughal ) its decorations, architecture , culture , history and poetry (Persian) . It has a big influence on me and my art works . My aim is to show the beauty of other cultures to the society by my designs and paintings.
My art express who I am , based on historic background with pieces of my soul.
I hope you are gonna enjoy by being in my world.