Anita Underwood Photography

Anita Underwood Photography

It’s often been said that our life is heavily influenced by the people and environment we surround ourselves with. I was born in Perth Western Australia, the first generation Australian. My parents migrated from Italy in 1966 with my older brother and sister, and my mother’s family. It was here that I was born into a country so far removed from my Italian ancestors and yet it was this heritage that influenced me the most. I use to love visiting my Italian grandparents, as a small child . I especially remember the times when my grandma pulled out all the old family albums and I would sit there for hours browsing through my family’s history; these historical photographs would inspire and intrigue me. My Mother and Father standing over my shoulder, narrating to me the story of their childhood, their parents, cousins, aunties, uncles; and all those who influenced their life. These stories and events that occurred in my parent’s life before I was born; fascinated me to no end, I had to go there, I dreamt of being there, and finally the dream came true; smitten at the age of 22 I was in love with everything Italian the rich history, the culture, the fashion, the architecture and the friendly people and not to mention those cobble stone roads. We’ve been fortunate again to be able to return to Italy in October 2013, and this experience has impacted on the way I now tackle photography, and has also sparked a real love of street photography.

Through my many travels with my Husband and 3 children, I have come to explore my love of photography in many of the different types of genres. Seeking to capture people’s curiosity, play, interaction, personality and various emotions in a natural and artistic way.

As a photographer I make it a point to surround my subjects with familiar, interesting and personally important locations that allow for more natural photographs to be taken and thus make for more joyous, interesting and engaging images to be enjoyed long after the event. These locations may include such natural settings as your favourite park, our amazing beaches or even your own backyard, with an emphasis on capturing the emotive display of children at play, that hearty chuckle, their innocence, that shy glance or that fearless imagination and interaction we so often miss or take for granted.

People often comment on my style of photography as “evocative”, “wildly romantic”, “Dreamy” and “Heartfelt”, while retaining that sense of fun, love, humour and personality, I just love to create memories.